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event management

Creates Events Optimized For Both Live And Streaming Audiences

City Heroes Club is not a conventional event company. We come from entertainment and production backgrounds where artistic and technical expertise join together in bringing events to life, whatever stage or screen they take place on. As event planners and developers, the value of a great guest experience is our currency.

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Below explore between examples of some latest projects we done.

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vIP London Distillery Tour

At Bimber, our hand-crafted approach to whisky production is combined with rarely seen traditional methods. Come share our passion and craftsmanship with a tour of our unique distillery.

  • Tour Includes:
    Welcome whisky cocktail.
  • Explore behind the scenes of our unique distillery, from mashing and fermenting to distilling and maturation.
  • Enjoy a selection of our artisan single malt whiskies.
  • Receive a £5 discount which can be redeemed on any purchases made during your visit.

City Heroes Club | Polish Theatre London

We have created a Polish Comedy Theatre in London. Our task is organise the best events for Polish-speaking audiences. We bring from Poland top artist, the best selling shows.

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